How many times have you heard someone say, "If I had my health I could ………. " The blanks are filled in with thoughts of traveling, returning to school, departing an uninspiring job, pursuing new business opportunities, etc. The list is extensive and impacts not only the individual, but also each one's family, friends and associates.

Pursuing, reaching and maintaining one's personal health is critically important to living the optimal life. This holds true for women of any age and particularly for women 55+ where personal health is truly the gateway to living the optimal life. So, if we know personal health plays such an important role in our ability to live the optimal life, why do so many Americans, young and old find it so difficult to achieve and maintain?

Meet Ann

Nurse practitioner, public servant, business leader, life coach, inn keeper and mother who through powerful and emotional real life experiences, success and failure, not only found her way through the gateway, but also made the personal commitment to develop a formula, specifically the Wellness Success Formula so that women of all ages could pursue and live the optimal life. Ann ’s mission is to empower women 55+ to "age gracefully powerfully" – eat well, stay fit, maintain healthy relationships, reinvent self, find purpose and fulfill lifetime passions.

Her advocacy supports healthy living. Her speeches inspire. Her inns refresh and recharge. Her lifestyle coaching helps clients take charge of their lives and directs them to resources to achieve their goals. Ann's holistic approach to health and wellness includes a combination of fitness, diet, finances, relationships and attitudes. Her approach requires goal setting, long-term commitment and self-disciplines supported by trusted family and friends. She believes that people living the optimal life are purpose-driven and look forward to their time of "empowerment" rather than retirement.

Her followers say she is a powerful leader and a fearless crusader for healthy living.